Have your say on Labour’s priorities in government

Labour makes policy by consensus and the Labour Policy Forum is the official online platform where our members have their say on what our policies should be.

If you have never done this before, use the submission box on the right to get involved now and give us your views and ideas on how we can build on the manifesto and develop Labour policies ready for the next general election.

This website allows you to submit your own ideas on any policy, at any time. All you need to do is register and you’re good to go.

Each year we receive thousands of submissions which go on to the National Policy Forum to help build our official policy platform, and your idea could too.

We’ll be asking for ideas on eight key issues when we launch the 2018 consultation, so keep checking the website and our Twitter page @labpolicyforum for updates.


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You can play a part in shaping Labour policy by sharing your ideas in a submission. This will be considered by the relevant Policy Commission as part of our open and democratic policy making process.

You can also join the debate by reading other people's submissions here and responding with your own comments.

Find out more about how to make submissions and Labour’s policy making process here.

Content of submissions is the responsibility of the poster, and their appearance on this website does not imply endorsement by the Labour Party.

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