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You can read anything on Labour Policy Forum without registering or logging in, but to be able to comment and make submissions you will need to log in first.

If you are a Labour Party member you can log in using your Labour Login. You can create your Labour Login here. 

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A submission is simply your input into Labour's policy development process.

Submissions which are made here on Labour Policy Forum go forward to meetings of bodies called Policy Commissions. You can read more about Labour's Policy Commissions here and find a topic to make a submission here.

Making a submission is straightforward – just complete the text fields as directed.

Submissions via Labour Policy Forum should ideally be no more than 600 words. However, if you want to add a longer submission or some supporting information, you can attach a document using the button directly under the text input field.

While submissions are welcome on any and all topics, from 2021 we are asking for submissions on specific policy areas chosen by each of the NPF policy commissions. You can find the list of topics here


Comments can be made in response to submissions. Unlike submissions, comments don't go forward for further discussion offline - they're just a way of sharing views with other users.

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