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There are lots of redundant, under used or out of date buildings across the public sector. Selling them off could help the NHS and the right policies for use could contribute towards housing and jobs.

There is a lot of land, old and redundant buildings across the public sector. One of the key issues holding back the sale of these assets is the belief that any funds raised would be lost to the service. Therefore, if there was a guarantee that the majority of the funds realised from the sale of these assets could be ploughed into front line services and into any transformation costs for modernising services, this would help to encouragae the realisation of these assets. There would also be an opportunity, in selling these sorts of assets, to ensure that this land is used for houses, jobs and infrastructure - real social investment.

The resources available through this route are significant and would probably secure funding of service such as the NHS and social care for a significant period.

Referring to: NPF Consultation 2017 - Health and Social Care

The Health and Social Care Policy Commission has published a consultation document and we want to hear views from as many people as possible.

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The NPF Consultation 2017 is now live. We have published eight new consultation documents on key priorities and we want to hear your views.

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