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😈 Local Government Ombudsman & Councils are corrupt 👹 1) Summary The LGO (Commission for Local Administration in England (CLAE)) 1.01) Operate the most perverse and publicly criticised system of administrative justice in the world. 1.02) Is institutionally biased in favour of the public body under investigation. 1.03) Has a track record of rejecting complaints based on a short telephone discussion with a senior member staff from the body being complained about. 1.04) Manipulate their statistics and customer satisfaction surveys to enhance their perceived effectiveness and performance. 1.05) Under report the true level of maladministration. 1.06) Abuse their absolute discretion with impunity because their is no adequate appeals . mechanism or complaints system with which to challenge their decisions... And that ain't all... There are a lot more...a total of 6 (A4) pages condemning them. 😱😨 (and true to my own experience). So there wasn't a chance in hell of me winning against Stevenage Borough Council, in spite of all my evidence! 😡😡😡

It is regarding (5) heavy hydraulic-spring fire doors and (1) extra main entrance/door fitted in a prefabricated, substandard 3-bedroom house not suitable for HMO/heavy fire doors. 2 of these doors – (1 fire door and the extra main entrance/door) fitted only 1 meter away from the very thin party wall that divides us. The council's EH officer did a biased, covered up investigation of the fire doors noise. Because I knew the outcome and decision of the investigation were biased (in favour of the HMO property owner), I then escalated my complaint to council's stages 1, 2 & 3 investigations, where officer's manager supported the officer.

Subsequently, I escalated my complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman regarding the council failure and negligence of not dealing honestly with the HMO fire doors noise situation. However, my experience...have shown me; the LGO could not be an independent organisation, as claimed... They seemed to act as the council's Lawyer in the way in which they agreed and defend them - 100% throughout their 'biased' investigation.

A damning report regarding Councils and the LGO came to my attention recently (after I had drafted my letter attached...). - (true to my own experience). Therefore, this is why I did not stand a chance in Hell against Stevenage Borough Council!!! It seemed these practices have been going on for a very long time, and no matter whichever political party is in power, they are all in it together. And it is obvious that none of you is going to do anything to help me nor stop these practices to give us 'Mere Mortals' a chance of winning against councils for their crooked ways and maladministration!

See more attached...

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The Housing, Local Government and Transport Policy Commission develops Labour policy concerning local government and devolution, housebuilding and the housing sector, and Britain’s transport infrastructure and services.

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