Better relationship with Russia

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Abolish sanctions against Russia and recognise people's choice and right for self-determination in Crimea

Dear Labour,

Will you recognise Crimea as part of Russia and historic choice of Crimean people and their right for self-determination just like in Gibraltar, Folklnads, Scotland, etc if you will be elected? Confrontation , constant ongoing russophobia and cold war rethorics wont help Britain to strengthen bilateral relations, economic and cultural ties and will only harm in a long-term. It is unfair double standards and attitude to try to bully Russia and absolutely refuse to HEAR people of Crimea.

I think we need to change vector of British foreign policies toards more neutrality like Switzerland and Norway away from american " special relations " ( whatever that means ) towards more open wolrd and include as strategic partners all 5 BRICS countries ( Brazil, Russia, China, India , South Africa).


Thank you


Best regards





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The International Policy Commission develops Labour’s international policy. It is responsible for foreign policy, international development, defence and Britain’s future relationship with Europe.

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