NPF Consultation 2017 - International

NPF Consultation 2017 - International

The International Policy Commission has published a consultation document and we want to hear views from as many people as possible.

Please read the document, think about the questions it asks, and share your ideas in a submission.

All the submissions we receive will go to the Inernational Policy Commission who will consider your ideas before rewriting the documents ahead of a summer meeting of the National Policy Forum on the weekend of 1 & 2 July 2017. Once agreed by the National Policy Forum they go to Annual Conference for agreement.

The consultation is open until Wednesday 31 May. You can still submit after this time but these ideas will not inform the summer meeting of the NPF.

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As we go forward to 2020, you can play a part in shaping Labour policy by sharing your ideas in a submission. This will be considered by the relevant Policy Commission as part of our open and democratic policy-making process. 

You can also join the debate by reading other people's submissions below, and responding with your own comments.

Content of submissions is the responsibility of the poster, and their appearance on this website does not imply endorsement by the Labour Party.

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