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Building on our 2017 manifesto promises, what more can Labour do to ensure the NHS is fully funded and able to deliver universal health services?
Get rid of privatised clinical services.
Stop selling off land and work with housing associations to deliver much needed housing which will then provide long-term income to Trusts
Get rid of Trust status and the internal market.

What does Labour need to do in its rst term in Government to ensure NHS funding
reaches the areas most in need?
Deal with the continuing inverse care law by supporting primary care in the most disadvantaged areas.
Implement Marmot's policies on Health Inequalities
Look at the literature on Health Creation through community action and build on Marmot's recommendations for communities by developing community development across the NHS and Local Authorities.

What should be the priorities when deciding local funding allocations?
Is there a reason not to revert to RAWP as before?

How should social care be funded?
1. Recognise that social care is an investment not a cost. By funding better conditions for staff in social care, you will be improving local economies and employment, getting better services, more continuity.
2. Insource personal care and eventually residential care. Evidence and experience is accumulating that insourcing allows better local planning, better outcomes, and it's cheaper.
3. A cumulative tax as in Japan. The Japanese government introduced long-term care insurance, offering social care to those aged 65+ on the basis of needs alone. The system is part-funded by compulsory premiums for all those over the age of 40, and part-funded by national and local taxation. Users are also expected to contribute a 10% co-payment towards the cost of the service. The costs are seen as affordable and the scheme is extremely popular.
But without the co-payments which are now increasing...
4. It will almost certainly require a mix of extra taxes.

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The Health and Social Care Policy Commission develops Labour policy and thinking on areas including the future of the NHS, mental health, public health and social care.

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