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i know what you are thinking. who on earth would back the conservative program of universal credit?! i believe that we must accept that the current welfare system is complex, costly and does not act as an incentive to go into work. Universal credit has been rolled out very poorly by the conservative party. up to 6 week waits for a payment and unfair on those who are unable to work due to long term illness or disability. this is simply not good enough. the labour party should take universal credit and transform it to make sure it can encourage people to find work instead of staying on benefits whilst protecting vunerable individuals. there is no reason why this controversial program cant work. i have no faith in the conservative party rolling out this program but believe that labour can. id like to hear some suggestions from anyone on how we can make it work and put this into policy.

Referring to: Work, Pensions and Equality

The Work, Pensions and Equality Policy Commission is charged with developing Labour’s policy on social security, poverty and equalities.

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