Europe and the Future Trade and Co-operation agreement

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We note that Brexit is not a one-off event but an ongoing process, and how it unfolds will determine all of our futures. The people who led the Leave campaign are now running the country, and theirs is an agenda of economic deregulation, racist scapegoating and border-building.

We note the Future Trade and Co-operation agreement with European Union and notes the many disadvantages to external and internal UK Trade caused by the Tory Govt's hard Brexit.

We anticipate the review conference in 2024 and call on the Government to consider the following changes to current policy in the short term,

1. To agree a pan-European visa scheme for creative workers, such as actors and musicians
2. To rejoin Erasmus+, the EU's student academic exchange scheme, to allow our members and their children access to European Universities and allow European students access to UK Universities, ensuring that the community of peoples continues
3. To rejoin Horizon Europe, the EU R&D programme to minimise the disruption to our industrial innovation
4. To negotiate, a common reciprocal voting rights agreement to permit EU Citizens in the UK and British Citizens in the EU voting rights.
5. To negotiate changes to Northern Ireland Protocol that eases intra-UK trade, complies with the Good Friday Agreement and maintains the Common Travel Area.

We call on the NEC, NPF, the Parliamentary Labour Party and the Labour shadow front bench to plan and execute a campaign in Parliament to further these aims and for the next Labour Govt to adopt these appropriate reforms. We note that by the time of the next election the necessary reforms may be more comprehensive.

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The Economy, Business and Trade Policy Commission develops Labour's economic and business policy, including industrial strategy and international trade.

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