Creating a technical innovations networking programme & reforming the OBR

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I propose the following 5 policies:


1) Have Labour improve the UK's investment in '4th industrial revolution technologies' (e.g. robotics, 3-D print manufacturing, bio-tech) to better deliver a future Labour-run "Department of Business, Skills & Investment" industrial strategy, Green New Deal programme as well as to help refine (to better meet the needs of it's users via greater technical capability of NHS & MoD staff/equipment?) a Labour-run "Department of Health" (i.e. NHS) and 'Ministry of Defence' procurement programmes by having a Labour-run "Department of Business, Skills & Investment create internal offices/agencies that partners with UK universities & tech start-up firms to ensure not only UK has a viable industrial/export strategy but that GreenNewDeal/NHS/MoD programmes have direct access to UK academic research groups that are engaged in latest cutting edge research into '4th industrial revolution technology' areas that is of most relevant interest (e.g. ability to deliver a service) to the GreenNewDeal/NHS/MoD (e.g. innovations in tidal energy production for 'GreenNewDeal', biotech for NHS, machine-learning prosthesis for disable army vets) and create avenues for senior executives in GreenNewDeal/NHS/MoD programmes to allocate more direct funding to science research of particular UK university STEM teams (e.g. robotics institutions) as well as not only arrange 'trial experiments' in GreenNewDeal/NHS/MoD programmes & delivery of technologies to GreenNewDeal/NHS/MoD programmes but also accelerate research projects & capabilities (e.g. enlarge the scale or purchase specialist research equipment to explore niche areas in more detail) of those UK university STEM research teams.


The aim of this "Department of Business, Skills & Investment" state-sponsored technical innovations networking programme is to have a future Labour-run "Department of Business, Skills & Investment" create networking opportunities for SMEs manufacturing firms & UK university STEM teams with CEOs of GreenNewDeal/NHS/MoD programmes which won't just help deliver them latest technologies but also help Labour refine the UK's future industrial/export strategy (by offering the advantages of 'economies of scale' for SME/university STEM teams by pairing up with CEOs of GreenNewDeal/NHS/MoD procurement programmes?) as well as meet grand objects like 100% 'de-carbonisation' & 'de-commodification/de-financialisation' of UK economy (e.g. housing/energy/transportation) by 2040.


2) Investigate whether UK company law should be structured (e.g. creation of 'trigger clauses' that are activated during mergers, 'buy-outs' & bankruptcy talks) so it incentivises not only 100% de-carbonisation & company 'employee ownership' but also legally guarantees 'worker pension protection'.


3) Investigate whether the 'Office for Budget Responsibility' is more guided/structured by 'supply sided' ideology then empirics (i.e. actual data) in it's budgetary forecasting as well as whether the next director of the 'Office for Budget Responsibility' should be a Keynesian/post-Keynesian economist rather then a neo-classical economist


4) Investigate whether after 2035 it is parliament that decides who is appointed as the director of the OBR (along with the other senior members of the OBR?) & whether such appointments should be fixed non-renewable 10 year terms.


5) Investigate whether the 'Office for Budget Responsibility' should be constitutionally mandated to review the financing the costs of all UK foreign wars separately (i.e. it not be included in the budget or be delivered by the Chancellor but rather be delivered in a special budget & delivered by the Defence Secretary) just like it is presently doing so for the budget (e.g. economic effects of a tax increase or spending cut).

Referring to: Economy, Business and Trade

The Economy, Business and Trade Policy Commission develops Labour's economic and business policy, including industrial strategy and international trade.

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