Delivering a Better Justice System for Everyone in Britain.

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As a Labour Member I beileve Delivering a Better Justice System is Needed to Deliver a Safer Britain for Everyone in Britain. Labour will First Put 10,000 More Police Officers On Our Streets to Make People in All There Local Communities Safer in Britain: We Need to Reform Our Whole Justice System in Britain. Firstly We Need to Lower the Time It Takes To Get Offenders To Court for Prosecution in a Court Of Law. We Need Together Sentences On Very Serious Crimes like Rape, Murder, Manslaughter, Terrorism, Gun And Knife Crimes and All Other Very Serious Crimes in Britain. We Need Tougher Punishments On Repeat Offenders in Britain. Probation and Tagging Needs to Be Toughened Up Too. Our Prisons are Overcrowded what we Need to do is Build More Prisons To Tackle Prison Congestion And Deliver Safer Prisons Across the Country. Police Need to be Give Tougher Powers and Resources To Tackle Anti-Social Behaviour, Dangerous Crimes And To Protect Our Police Officers On Our Streets Too. Lastly Our Youth Offending System Needs To Be Reformed So We Can Actually Help Our Young People Not to Commit Crime in There Local Communities in Britain. Lastly We Need to Every One Support They Need to Not Go Back Into Crime in Britain. That is the Labour Way Safer Streets and Communities for Everyone in Britain.

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The Justice and Home Affairs Policy Commission examines Labour thinking on issues such as policing, the justice system, immigration and asylum, and political and constitutional reform.

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