Ensure the long term funding for UK libraries by changing the procurement policies of all UK public libraries to ensure better 'value for money'

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I propose that the UK ensures the long term funding for all it's UK public libraries by using the clout the central & local governments have to give UK public libraries greater flexibility in their procurement contract with publishers so they can seek cheaper alternative providers.


Why is this change necessary? Because at present all UK public libraries, due to the monopoly publishers have in supplying their books to UK boroughs & counties, are forbidden from seeking cheaper alternative supply for their books (e.g. online sellers on ebay) whenever their current suppliers (e.g. UK publishers) charge an extortionate amount to UK public libraries whenever those libraries wish to re-fill (meet the public's demand for a popular book) their stock.


In fact in my home town library staff have told me that libraries now are no longer allowed to accept book donations from the public if that book is considered 'old' (i.e. more then 10 years old) as a way of ensuring that the library is always kept spending money it doesn't have to buy brand new books from their suppliers rather then receiving 'old' books free from the public or buying it for pennies from online sellers like ebay.


Furthermore, increasing number of libraries are dumping their books (as a way of saving money?) for costly e-books programme (again likely to be pushed by publishers who have a monopolistic contracts with boroughs & counties in order to bilk more money?) that many of the low-income visitors to the library may not be able to access due to not being able to afford a kindle & despite their not being much popular demand for it by regular users (as it's expensive?).


Labour has rightly zeroed in on how financially damaging PFI & outsourcing contracts have been to the public sector but it has yet to address the pernicious way the public sector is being bilked/exploited by private sector providers (e.g. publishers) through their monopolistic control over public sector (e.g. local governments) procurement policies which is as much contributing to the destruction of the financial health of the public sector as PFI & outsourcing contracts but by adopting this policy a future Labour government would be able to successfully reverse this unwanted decline.

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