Future Stragegy for International Labour

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What does International Labourism mean?

History, evolving and often conflicting philosophies, and the inherent ambiguity of language makes it impossible to arrive at any form of consensus meaning for which there is a global mutual understanding.

First there needs to be a new clarity on the term LABOUR itself. The use of this single word LABOUR can be the inclusive and inspirational banner for global change.

At this moment, the British Labour Party means a political organisation which is sectarian, in the sense that it seeks to distinguish and separate itself from other political organisations. It competes for voter approval through messaging.

However until British Labour can finally agree - and comply - with what it stands for, new policy development and strategic will not to satisfy the diversity of opinion and passions of the membership. We tried in 1918. And again in 1995. Checkout these previous attempts at:

Labourcounts Clause IV

The word LABOUR has the capacity to inspire, rejuvenate and above all to be inclusive in a way that transcends the inevitable divisions of national party politics.

LABOUR means WORK. Without which individuals and society cannot grow and develop.
LABOUR means HARD WORK. Without which there is no real progress.
LABOUR means STRUGGLE. Without which we succumb
LABOUR means the WORKING CLASS. Without which nothing gets done.
LABOUR means the process of GIVING BIRTH. Without which nothing changes.

If we can fully EMBRACE THE WORD LABOUR in a single word, we can tell a story in a way that everyone understands.

We need to start, first here in the UK, with a brand new Clause IV.

Keep labouring away. Or at least try.

Mike Allott

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The International Policy Commission develops Labour’s international policy. It is responsible for foreign policy, international development, defence and Britain’s future relationship with Europe.

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