Hate crime

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Just want to say this Gypsy university of Cheshire student has had very frightening hate crime against her including an entire crowd of people clapping chanting derogatory slurs smh.

The worst part for me is she has visited the uni's hate crime rep *FIVE TIMES* and they've never been available to see her. Like they didn't take her mobile no. Or email the FIRST time she went to see them?? Like wtf. Some times things are just unbelievable. Surely *someone* would be fkg horrified or at least out of basic human politeness would pass on a message? Especially as it's urgent. Jobsworths is all I have to say. But more likely racist jobsworths. 

maybe we need actual Standards that hate crime reps must adhere to ? And like punishments for failing to to do jack to protect ppl ? Duty of care. If she gets beaten or killed the hate crime rep is criminally liable or should be. Sadly u hav to frighten evil ppl I to doing Wats right. "Make Racists Scared Again" (to stop them being confident enough to do hate crimes).


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