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Labour should commit to the biggest council housebuilding programme in a generation, with a focus on low-carbon council housing. Additionally, Labour should also legislate to end right to buy, to ensure public housing stays in public hands. There must also be an extension of powers and funding for councils to buy back homes from private landlords, especially those left empty.

Labour should legislate to give cities the power to impose strict rent caps, with sanctions to those landlords who ignore the rules.

No-body should ever be forced for any reason to sleep without a roof over their head. 

Labour should commit to end rough sleeping within their first term in office by expanding and upgrading hostels and making an additional 8,000 homes available for those with a history of rough sleeping. To pay for this, a new national levy on second homes should be introduced so that those who have more than one home pay a little more to help those without one.


Referring to: A future where families come first

We want a country where families come first, in all of their wonderful diversity, and where all people are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve, regardless of their background. Click here to have your say on how we can make Britain the best place to grow up and grow old in.

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