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This CLP is concerned with the international community and the British government's failure to help resolve the Kashmir issue, which has been lingering since 1947.

The CLP reaffirms its support for the Kashmiri peoples' right to self-determination and the independence movement and condemns the human rights abuses that have been taking place in the region over the years as highlighted in the two reports by the Office of the UN Human Rights Commissioner in 2018 and 2019.

This CLP calls upon:
1. The party leadership to support the calls for self-determination for Kashmir and help bring an end to the human rights violations taking place in the region, including the unilateral change in Kashmir's legal status, demographic changes and the imprisonment of the political and human rights activists there.
2. The Labour members of parliament to play a more pro-active role in highlighting this issue in Parliament and press upon the Foreign Office ministers to take up a leading role internationally and in the UN Security Council in bringing about a just and peaceful resolution to this long-standing issue.
3. The international community to press for the withdrawal of all military forces of India, Pakistan and China from the region in an agreed timeframe to pave the way for a free and fair plebiscite to be conducted under the UN supervision to resolve the issue instead of calling for bilateral negotiations between India and Pakistan which have not been fruitful for the past 74 years.

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The International Policy Commission develops Labour’s international policy. It is responsible for foreign policy, international development and defence.

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