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I firmly believe that for Britian to make a Economic recovery the Nationalisation of a few key industries will greatly aid in this endeavour.

When Attlee formed the NHS in Post War Britain he knew Nationalisation was required to save the nation from economic ruin. This needs to be done again in order to keep the NHS running efficiently and generate revenue for welfare and social security.

If the Major energy, petroleum and heavy industry buissnesses are put under government control we can expect to make around 150 Billion in revenue, revenue that can be used to build Britian back from disaster.

We can even sell the prouduce made for half the price it is now and still make more money then we would have done through taxation of the produce.

This is a win win for the people and the goverment, the only people being negatively affected are multi millionaires who exploit our natural resources and our workers for their own gain.

Nationalisation will also help employ 100,000s of thousands in rural communities who ever since the mass privatisation of industry in the 1980s have suffered increasing levels of poverty.

Nationalisation also allows us to obtain resources in a much more ethical and careful way. A company may rush the dangerous process of extracting raw materials in order to meet a dead line or save money, but because the people of this nation are our stock holders we wouldn't dare put their lives at risk for a series of multi millionaires.

With Nationalisation we can extract resources much more efficiently and safely and when the time comes more easily transition these industries into environmentally friendly ones whilst ensuring workers still stay employed and compensated during the transition phase.

I believe that these new Nationalised industries should be run like buissnesses in order to make them as productive and efficient as possible, incentivising productivity through promotions and raises.

In order to make sure these industries are run as efficiently as possible, we should offer tax breaks and major financial incentives to those who have experience in these fields as a way of incentivising them to work for the goverment and share their knowledge/experience.

In time, we won't be forced to do this as we can simply learn from them and train others to do their job and pay them a much more reasonable wage for the work they are doing.

These tax breaks and financial incentives are merely a way of making those who are experienced but morally dubious, or unwilling to work for less even if its welfare, share their knowledge and in the process letting us use that information to train more moral and loyal members of goverment to run the industries instead, even with a slightly reduced, but still fair and substantial, wage.

I understand that as a new member of the Party my opinion may seem less educated but i can assure you that for my entire life I have been interested in history and politics, studying it thoroughly from multiple sources and can concretely and objectively confirm that this type of Nationalisation has and will provide financial stability and prosperity.

As long as we run these industries with a buissness mind set and make sure to plan ahead in order to ensure we maintain a economy thats diverse and not reliant on one industry above all others, Britian will build back better and stronger without sacrificing wages or social justice.

I'm of course happy to accept any criticisms or suggestions that my fellow party members may have, discussion is necessary to perfecting policy.

Christian Wheatley

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The Economy, Business and Trade Policy Commission develops Labour's economic and business policy, including industrial strategy and international trade.

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