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Dear Labour.


I am writing to let you know I have discovered a genuine New World Order and have The Campaign Labour needs.


I was homeless between 2014 - 2018


I have broadcasted the truth across all homelessness charities and people are walking from their jobs.

There is a large overfunded scandal since all homelessness services/charity founding's began in the UK – only provides 34,497 temporary bed-spaces In 2017 (ultimately relying on other sources to get people out of homelessness truly longer-term) and I know how to build 200,000+ profitable PERMENTANT bed spaces across England. EASILY. + a very sustainable service.

There are other housing providers who have built more bed spaces but don't push on the homelessness agenda for funding – otherwise we would have used that funding since homelessness founding's began to build the permanent bed spaces that have needed by now in 2018 – except – all homelessness services/charities all pay themselves off the idea and provide temporary solutions.

My dad was Director of Centrepoint for 10 years. - My great grandad was best friends with Aneurin Bevan, George Thomas & James Callaghan.

I have been messed around by pundits for over 3 years across this industry - they don't really want to end it – homelessness is currently under a delusion, guilt-trip and an overfunded scandal.

Please see OurWorld:UK plan for further details:

I hold a lot more evidence and proof - This is much bigger than homelessness - I have broadcasted the truth across and will be on-going into the world's media soon.

All the very best and I hope to hear back and work with Jeremy Corbyn and other Labour members.

Harry Skuse
[email protected]
07487 831584

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