NHS Restructuring

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South West Bedfordshire constituency Labour Party proposes that the Labour Party should commit to dismantling the NHS internal market in full, with appropriate safeguards. This must:

• be done with public health at the core of services, both planning and monitoring
• build public health advice into PCNs and ICSs - public health expertise is required to plan, evaluate, and monitor health and services.
• require an Annual Health Report for each area, with a minimum dataset of health outcomes and performance monitoring needs to re-instated.
• ensure accountability to the population and community served as well as to the NHS centrally.
• provide adequate safeguards to ensure organisations providing PCNs, ICS and related services are generally not for profit and maintain a community health focus.

Referring to: Health and Social Care

The Health and Social Care Policy Commission develops Labour policy and thinking on areas including the future of the NHS, mental health, public health and social care.

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