Opposing Tory policy for ICS Boards

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This CLP notes the Tory Government proposals to establish unaccountable, statutory Integrated Care Systems (ICS) boards with binding plans. The ICSs will mean more private contracts; lower standards through professional deregulation, downskilling and more outsourcing of NHS jobs; reduced and rationed services (partially replaced by 'digital' options and volunteers); and significant spending cuts. This CLP calls upon the Labour Party:
1. To actively alert local councillors and MPs to the threat posed by Integrated Care Systems and the dramatic loss of local accountability.
2. To use all means to actively oppose the ICSs including that the shadow health team and the Parliamentary Labour Party will vigorously oppose the establishment of ICSs and their roll-out in England
3. To demand a meaningful public and Parliamentary consultation to decide how health and social care services are provided in England
4. To introduce legislation to end the destructive effects of the 2012 Health and Social Care Act and to bring about universal, comprehensive, publicly provided and closely coordinated NHS and social care services, free at the point of use and fit for the 21st century, as per the NHS Bill at www.nhsbillnow.org
5. To promote greater collaboration with the Labour Parties in the devolved nations, in order to learn from their experiences in continuing to promote a public service NHS in their jurisdictions.

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The Health and Social Care Policy Commission develops Labour policy and thinking on areas including the future of the NHS, mental health, public health and social care.

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