Policy For CO2/Greenhouse Gases Emission reduction to Net Zero by 2050

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Policy For CO2/Greenhouse Gases Emission reduction to Net Zero by 2050
I attach a Word document, with live link references, that suggests a practical, easily understood, method of achieving our Policy goal of 60% decarbonisation by 2035—using only well proven technologies.
The suggestion is for complete decarbonisation of all road transport- cars, trucks, vans, buses, motor bikes etc by changing to 100% electric vehicles (or other entirely CO2 free propulsion) by 2035. This includes a target of all new vehicles electric by 2030.
I also suggest 100% decarbonisation of electricity production by 2035 using wind (land based and offshore), solar, tidal, nuclear and carbon capture technologies.
These two measures alone deliver 220 MtCO2equivalent/yr reduction (80% of the target) by 2035.
50% emission reduction in the Business, Residential, Industrial, Public and Domestic Air Travel sectors delivers the rest. In fact, the reduction calculated is 69%. This suggests to me we should perhaps be a bit stronger in our target for 2035 and go for 70%!
The transition to net zero by 2050 will be a little harder, as we really require new technologies to do it. For example, air and ship transport will probably need new propulsion systems. I suggest that clean hydrogen technology could well be the answer, but that is not yet certain. We also need much improved energy storage, and the Climate Change Committee suggest some direct removal of CO2 from the atmosphere will be required.
We have an environmental crisis, but we can solve it.
I am a Chemist, have an MSc in Environmental Pollution Control, and some experience as an environmental scientist. Later I moved into Operational Research via an MBA

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