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It is clear that Brexit is a hard right wing project.  Support for any soft Brexit has evaporated, as it has become apparent how much worse a deal this is than staying in the EU - a "jobs-first Brexit" is a myth,  Staying in the EU will allow the UK to pursue progressive policies at home and at the EU level - the EU level is particularly important for achieving environmental progress and combating tax evasion.  The prospect of Brexit has already damaged our economy significantly and carrying on with Brexit will further damage the economy - the harder the Brexit the greater the damage.  The only argument in favour of Brexit is "respecting the referendum" - however leaving when polling evidence has for some time now shown that there is not a majority in favour of leaving is not respecting democracy.  The current Labour party policy is deeply unpopular with voters (-11% ote share in European elections, -17% in Peterborough), against a government that has fallen apart.  Labour Party should back Remain now and work with all other pro-Remain parties to block no-deal Brexit.  We should enthusiastically promote holding a new referendum with remain on the paper, so that the majority of people in the UK who now oppose leaving the EU, can have their views respected.  We should not leave it till the September conference to do this.  If we stick with the current policy, we won't have credibility or votes.

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The International Policy Commission develops Labour’s international policy. It is responsible for foreign policy, international development, defence and Britain’s future relationship with Europe.

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