Health and safety protection for over 60’s manual workers

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We should have special protection of duties/hours/shift patterns for manual workers over 60, as is practised in Scandinavian countries. Too many deaths at work in UK. Fatigue over disrupted circadian rhythms caused by shiftwork exacerbates accident risk, Unions reluctant in case age discrimination seeps in by employers if protective measures deter recruitment over 60’s. Legislation by Government needed. My husband aged 62 fell 4ft airside Gatwick, brain damaged, airlifted special unit. Never recovered. Widow gets less than 1/5th of pension worker would have received if he/she makes retirement. Inquests are outmoded top-down institutes which will not recommend changes unless a law exists that has been contravened. Death at work saves on Satate Pension but not on NHS costs to family/bereaved or poss re-housing cost etc.

Referring to: Work, Pensions and Equality

The Work, Pensions and Equality Policy Commission is charged with developing Labour’s policy on social security, poverty and equalities.

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