Labour has nil state pension money policies

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PENSION 60 NOW campaign group is sole group campaigning into 2018 Labour Manifesto, to: 

Jeremy Corbyn, Labour Leader;

Margaret Greenwood, new Labour Shadow Works and Pensions Secretary;

Jack Dromey, Labour Shadow Pension Minister;

Jennie Formby, General Secretary of the NEC; and  

Co-Covenor Cath Speight of Joint Policy Committee of National Executive Committee.



1. Pension 60 men and women. 


2. £200 per week state pension same money regardless of National Insurance record for all pensioner ages / pension 60 men and women. 


3. Absorb National Insurance Fund into UK non contributory petroleum fund state pension trust, with a pension contract to citizens. From a part nationalised North Sea oil and gas company. 

For example, Norway has a part stated owned North Sea oil and gas company, that is globally invested. 




1. Gains the 1950s born ladies' vote of around 3.8m. 


2. Gains the votes from 12 million pensioners retired before April 2016, left on old state pension money of £122.30 per week and not the flat rate of £159.55 per week. 


3. Gains the votes of the millions who have retired since April 2016, when most women and half of men do not get the full flat rate money from its small print.

Me as example, with 38 years National Insurance record, get only £122 per week in 2019, after losing state pension, as well as the help that would have come from pension credit, winter fuel allowance, since 2014.

Not two times 3 per cent rise on £159.55 per week this April / April 2019. 


4. Gains vote of the 4 million poorest pensioners getting or could get Pension Credit. 


3. Gains the 8 million pensioners unable to afford to retire. 


4. Gains the 1960s born ladies of around 3 million with pension age 67 now. Could get also the 3 million 1960s born men of around 3 million with pension age 67.

The 1970s born 6 million men and women are about to get rise from 67 to 68. 

The 1979 born 6 million men and women born from 1979 have had pension age 68 since 2007. Next pension review threatens rise from 68 to 69 for 1980s born and 69 to 70 for 1990s born. 


5. Potential to gain the I Daniel Blakes from 60 to 66 who lost Pension Credit and dumped into the brutally callous and too oft sanctioned into starvation Jobcentre. 


6. Gains the votes of workers in their 40s and 50s (not an age range that mostly votes Labour now) with a 12 per cent pay rise by no longer paying worker National Insurance contributions. 


7. Gains the money into the economy from North Sea oil and gas, that BP inform has resources til 2050, and creates new business and jobs in the high street shops, where mostly pensioners shop today. The loss of the £30bn from the National Insurance Fund in state pension to 1950s ladies has caused a loss to GDP. Pensioner poverty is increasing 20 per cent a year, as various pensioner benefits are attacked, even more this year, 2018. 


8. 14 shops a day now close down on the high street, mostly with women customers like women clothes, shoes, gift and charity shops. 


9. The votes from many pensioner victims of private companies gone bust, now getting less works pension as a result. 


10. The votes from the widows of Miners Pension Fund that was thieved off the men, left on low as £10 per week inherited works pension. As much as votes from men miner pensioners. 



Referring to: Work, Pensions and Equality

The Work, Pensions and Equality Policy Commission is charged with developing Labour’s policy on social security, poverty and equalities.

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