Labour’s education team has launched the National Education Service (NES) Roadshow.  

The roadshow is England-wide, focused on the principles of the NES. It will include regional events, as well roundtables with sector bodies, chaired by members of the Shadow Education Team.

Angela Rayner MP, Labour’s Shadow Education Secretary, said: 

“At Labour we believe education should be a right not a privilege.Last year we launched the framework for a unified National EducationService (NES), providing learning for all that is free at the point ofuse.

At Party Conference I then outlined 10 key principles to guidethe development of the National Education Service, in the form of a draft charter.

I have commissioned the National Education Service Roadshow tobuild on the work we have done so far. While the draft charter beganto lay the foundations of the NES I know there is more to do.

The final principles will underpin the NES for generations to come, so I want themto be shaped and developed by you – our members and our supporters. Together we can create an education system that works for the many, not the few.”

Labour is encouraging anyone with an interest in developing the National Education Service to get involved and submit their response online at

The roadshow is being held in conjunction with the NPF consultation on the National Education Service, you can read the consultation document here.

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