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2020 NPF Consultation 

Over the summer of 2020 the National Policy Forum (NPF) ran a consultation engaging all parts of our Party in a discussion on how to re-shape our policy platform. 

Each of the eight NPF policy commissions published a policy document as part of the consultation, all relating to how we can re-build our country once the pandemic has passed. 

Read the documents below:

 The education system after coronavirus

 Economic recovery and renewal after coronavirus 

 Protecting the natural environment after coronavirus 

 The Health and Social Care system after coronavirus

 Coronavirus and the future of local government

 Championing internationalism in the post-coronavirus world 

 Devolution and the Constitution after coronavirus

 The future of social security after coronavirus

As part of the consultation we ran a programme of eight online policy roundtables, one per topic. We were overwhelmed by the response from Labour members to these events, with over 10,000 expressing an interest in attending. We were delighted that at least one member of the Shadow Cabinet attended each event to hear directly from members about their policy priorities post-coronavirus. 

The consultation closed in July 2020 and we received a record number of submissions. Thank you to all members, stakeholders and affiliates who engaged in the consultation and took the time to share your insights. 

2020 Interim Reports 

The findings of this consultation, and the work of the NPF throughout 2020, were then written up into eight interim reports, one per policy commission. These were published in lieu of the usual NPF Annual Report which, due to the pandemic, could not be taken to Annual Conference and debated on Conference floor as per the normal process. 

Read the interim reports here:

 Early Years, Education and Skills

 Economy, Business and Trade

 Environment, Energy and Culture

 Health and Social Care

 Housing, Local Government and Transport


 Justice and Home Affairs

 Work, Pensions and Equality

Each report laid out a set of grounding principles to shape our policy platform, and we asked members, supporters and affiliates to send in their views on these principles. 

What happened next?

The findings of the 2021 NPF Consultation, alongside the updated interim reports, informed the 2021 NPF Annual Report. This was taken to Annual Conference in September 2021 where it was passed by delegates.

Don't worry if you missed out on engaging with the process through 2020 - we want to hear your views on our *new* consultation launched in May 2022. Find out more about the 2022 NPF Consultation and how you can get involved here.

You can learn more about Labour's policy making process here and via our Resource Hub here.

2022 NPF Consultation

Find out more about the 2022 Consultation and read the six consultation documents here. Find out more here
2022 NPF Consultation

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