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2021 NPF Consultation

Over the summer of 2021 the National Policy Forum (NPF) ran a consultation engaging all parts of our Party on how the next Labour government can make the UK the best place to grow up, grow old and live in.

Each of the eight policy commissions published a policy document, which you can read below:

 Making Britain the best place to grow up: How to ensure children are at the heart of our recovery from Covid-19

 Repairing the foundations for a stronger, fairer economy

 Just Transition: Making the green transformation work for all of us 

 Tackling health inequalities to make the country the best place to grow up and grow old in 

 How do we increase community control over public ownership to ensure our country is the best place to grow up and grow old in?

 A strategy for veterans

 Ending violence against women and girls 

 Building a more equal society 

Throughout the consultation we ran eight online member roundtables with members of the Shadow Cabinet in attendance to directly hear members' views.

What happened next?

The findings of the consultation were written up and, alongside the updated Interim Reports from 2020, informed the 2021 NPF Annual Report. This was taken to Annual Conference in September 2021 where it was passed by delegates. 

Although this consultation is now closed, the 2022 NPF Consultation opened in May 2022 and we want to hear your ideas on how we can build a new Britain which guarantees security, prosperity and respect for all. Find out more about the 2022 NPF Consultation and how you can get involved here.

You can learn more about Labour's policy making process here and via our Resource Hub here

2022 NPF Consultation

Find out more about the 2022 Consultation and read the six consultation documents here. Find out more here
2022 NPF Consultation

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